Summer 2016 Collection Launch

Flowers and Gardens is the theme for the new Trousseau collection.

“Trousseau, renowned for the quality and use of raw materials and fabrics brought from the best suppliers in the world, presents its view of the flowers and gardens universe for Summer 2016.

Inspiration has arrived with a heavenly touch, punctuated with vibrant colours, unique detailing and exquisite finishing. Shaping the dream, the brand has invited nine experienced florists to elaborate creative scenarios using flowers, colours and shapes as tools.

André Pedrotti, Giu Ranieri, Lucia Milan, Verbena Flores, Bothanica Paulista, Santa Gemma, Suva Albuquerque, Renata Penno and Helena Lunardelli were the scene idealizers for each of the brand’s lines: Lilac, Acqua, Nebula, Giallosole, Blossom, Edeen e Lavica / Marmo, as well as the beds for the White Luxury, Homewear and Petit lines.

Infectious and delicate, the new collection presents unique detailing and exquisite finishing such as exclusive textures and prints. The patterns are certified with the “Dream Touch” finishing in which the softness of touch makes all the difference. Enriched by the detailing and the plush fabrics, its prints bring softness and singularity to the elements of nature, such as roses, orchids, carnations, lilies and fuchsias. Warm and strong colours such as red, orange and yellow punctuate the bed, table and bath linens, as well as shades of blue. Neutral and pastel tones create contrast bringing harmony and the freshness of the season.“

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