Summer 2017 Collection Launch

In this 21st century it is almost impossible to put aside the use of technology. The smart phones and digital platforms have captivated people’s habits in such a way that we hardly exchange more than half a dozen words a day. This is the era of the Whatsapp conversations, of eternalised pictures on instagram, of thoughtful texts written in 140 characters on Twitter and sharing activities on Facebook, the end of the personal touch from past generations has almost been decreed.

The bytes are so fast that even the twenty-something youngsters struggle to keep up with the news. Although it might seem cold and no fun, this à la matrix living has, in fact, rescued childhood friendships and brought about a movement full of emoticons and icons which overflow with feelings – who doesn’t enjoy flavouring a passionate moment with a pulsing heart or sending a rose to a special someone? But, even with the right choice of emojis, nothing substitutes seeing, feeling, experimenting, smelling and hearing. These are the five qualities which make man a special being, many steps ahead of the most modern machine ever invented.

The cyber world only copies the expressions without ever interpreting them, that is why it is ever more fundamental to press the “aeroplane mode”, to deconstruct the posts in long chats and to instigate the looks which are forlorn. To “Unplug” has become a verb, it has ended up in the dictionary in a global context, a little timid among the intensely connected people, but with an enormous necessity to return to social conviviality. It is with this hi-tech detachment that we invite you to dive into the Trousseau universe, without plugs, or wi-fi and with more than enough energy to stir smiles and contagious sensations.

Summer 2017 Collection FIlm:

Petit 2017 Collection Film: