Trousseau launches institutional campaign in commemoration of the brand’s 25 years

Beginning commemorations for its birthday Trousseau has invested in an Institutional campaign signed by Volcano Hotmind Producer, which rescues memories of the brand through their long-standing partners, built up over 25 years of history.

To commemorate the date the brand launched a campaign to present its most important collection: its friends`. Trousseau has enjoyed a successful trajectory thanks to its oldest collaborators.

Adriana and Romeu, who participated actively together in the film, bring the message that the best dream is the one which you realize beside those who believe as much as oneself, that it is a possible dream.

From the pioneering space opened in 1991 on the João Cachoeira St., in Sao Paulo, to the creation of the Trousseau for Good campaign in 1998, all the way up to the 2014 arrival on North American soil, the brand is giving a new meaning to the word friendship. Sharing and transforming are verbs which are said on a daily basis by this team, which follows the British philosopher´s, Sir Francis Bacon, precepts to the letter: “Friendship doubles joy”. This is how we justify swimming against the tide of those who say that love stories happen only in literature or on the cinema screen; Trousseau insists on reminding people that happy endings are taken from real scripts such as this story or as told by friends throughout their lives.

Campaign Film: