Trousseau for Good 2016

Trousseau has launched its 18th edition of the social campaign “Trousseau for Good”

Trousseau , a brand synonymous with quality and comfort in products for the home announces its 18th edition of “Trousseau for Good”, the brand’s socially responsible project.  The campaign which this year brings the theme “the power is in your hands” has as its objective reverting part of its sales profits to donating food baskets to charitable institutions. During the campaign period - from the 29th of February to the 3rd of April - the brand offers up to 40% discount on selected products in all Trousseau shops including multi brand stores and online shops.

About Trousseau For Good

The idea for the campaign came about in 1999, when Trousseau decided to unite its brand to a social Campaign which was not merely Sales but a manner of bringing solidarity to the children in need.  At the time the partners created the Trousseau Off campaign.  Years  later the name changed to Trousseau for Good but the spirit remained the same.  During a predetermined period, products are offered with significant discounts reverting profits, in the form of food baskets, to charitable institutions in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Brasilia.

During the first year of the initiative 1,200 baskets were distributed.  In 2015 10,227 baskets (a total of more than 8.3 tons of food) were donated benefiting 28 partner charities.  According to Romeu Trussardi Neto, this proves how much solidarity can unite people motivating them to be fraternal and generous.  “Among all Trousseau’s campaigns this is the one which brings me the most pride and for a simple reason: helping your fellow man is always very gratifying, where all come together for the same reason, to do good”.


In this edition 8,172 food baskets will be distributed to partner charitable institutions.

Centro Ludovico Pavoni - 2.309 cestas
Casa Mãe de Salvador - 1.091 cestas
PROJUN - 323 cestas
OSOMu - 328 cestas

Casa Criança - 1.325 cestas
Pró Criança Cardíaca - 567 cestas

APAE - 1.325 cestas

Casa da Mãe Preta do Brasil - 228 cestas

676 cestas